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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Women who Inspire: The Sisterhood

Sister -  (from
12. being or considered a sister; related by or as if by sisterhood: sister ships.
13. having a close relationship with another because of shared interests, problems, or the like.

I have been undeniably blessed by precious women in my life. Some close family, some that lived before my time, some have rubbed me hard smoothing away jagged edges, some young, some old, some who know my heart deeply and still love me, some I've never met. But all sharing a common relation, fellowship birthed from the blood of Jesus. Sweet family, a gift. These women have so energized my Christian walk I just had to introduce some of them to you. (I hope you will post a comment and tell me about the women who have blessed your life.)

This week's sister:
I've  met few women with such clarity and wisdom in my life as Julie Conley. As a young pastor's wife in a challenging church ministry, Julie was a God send, literally. Her husband was in a leadership position in our church's denominational district. Graciously they walked through a difficult season with us, leading, praying, bringing peace.  

Julie was my first real life, adult mentor. Her skill at finding the pulse of a situation and drawing out truth amazed me. Ten years later I look back out our conversations and prayer times and realize more than ever the skill she had as a mentor.

Her warm eyes would twinkle as she talked about Jesus, you could tell she was in love. That love spilled out on me, infectious. Her response to problems, prayer. She was bold in faith as she approached her Heavenly Father with requests, and humble in her need. 

I often came to her befuddled, a vague sense about a situation but lacking clarity. She asked me questions, shared her experiences and gradually the light would dawn. There were moments I was frustrated she didn't just answer my question or give me the solution I sought. But I became used to her way of leading me to the truth instead of just telling me. 

Now I attempt to model her wisdom of leading a woman's heart to the truth instead of answering her basic questions. Though our contact is sporadic and limited by time and distance Julie still influences me. I remember her questions and that at the heart of it all she was leading me to the truth of a Person and not just a solution to a problem. How thankful I am for her influence in my life!

How are you doing in this area? When a young woman, a  friend, or your children come to you with a struggle do you give them a pat answer to a problem? Or do you help flesh out the real issue leading, by insightful questions, to the person of Jesus?

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