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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Women who Inspire: The Sisterhood

Sister -  (from
12. being or considered a sister; related by or as if by sisterhood: sister ships.
13. having a close relationship with another because of shared interests, problems, or the like.

I have been undeniably blessed by precious women in my life. Some close family, some that lived before my time, some have rubbed me hard smoothing away jagged edges, some young, some old, some who know my heart deeply and still love me, some I've never met. But all sharing a common relation, fellowship birthed from the blood of Jesus. Sweet family, a gift. These women have so energized my Christian walk I just had to introduce some of them to you. (I hope you will post a comment and tell me about the women who have blessed your life.)
This week's sister:
I knew the first moment I saw her I wanted to be friends. Warm smile, heart opened wide to listen; I settled in to be known. Julie and I met in circumstances, over four years ago, that forged us together as true sisters. Our husbands served together in ministry. We bent our heads together over that work, joining our hearts with their hands to serve. God had just begun to teach me more deeply about prayer, of it's power and necessity. When Julie and I met I had no idea the journey into the heart of God we were about to take together.

Until I prayed with Julie, I had never imagined the intimacy and power of prayer. Simple, needy mommies walking reverently into the throne room of God. The need overcoming the fear, his love blotting out our doubt. Some days I wept openly, the sweetness of Jesus with us was more than I could handle. Hands clasped tightly, week after week we came, hungry for more. Weeks passed and then months, now we're counting in years.

Both of our family's have moved on and distance separates. Yet, unwilling to give up an audience with Mercy's ear, we now join hearts through clasped phone receivers. In the time we've been praying together truth has been boring a hole into my heart and making a home. I am different, new. I will pray with my friend as long as I have breath to, a necessity as powerful as air.

I've learned and been blessed by more than prayer in our relationship. I've come to know vulnerability and trust, accountability and tenderness. Our times together are always sweet. Very often God teaches us truths that parallel and we learn together in anticipation. How dearly my Father loves me to give such good gifts as these. I am overwhelmed at the grace he has poured out through relationships in my life.

Do you have a sister to pray with? If not I challenge you to ask God for such a gift, I did. He will provide. Perhaps he would have you step out and draw someone in with you, offering your hand to hold as you stand before God in prayer.

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