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"If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in the world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." C. S. Lewis

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Visit from a Squidgy Neighbor

Yesterday I tackled the weeds that had taken over my garden. Only a few herbs and marigolds remained. I was thinking of winter squash, pumpkins, lettuce, spinach, and broccoli as I set to work.
My garden had succumbed to a weed takeover 

I shoved my fingers down into dark, warm soil. Wiggled them around and felt the life. Yanking on weeds I fought and reclaimed land for planting. Pumpkins, big and orange, were filling my mind when a fat body hopped, plop, in front of me. Stifling  a little squeal, it quick became a chuckle as I leaned down to examine the fine fellow I had startled.

His bulgy, toady eyes blinked at me. Stretching out a finger I stroked his plump body painted a clever brown camouflage. He eyed me suspiciously and wiggled down into the dirt. Maybe he hoped to blend in so the lady with the big grin, standing too close, would go away.
Hip, hop, plop, blup went his squidgy, muddy feet through the garden soil. He had had enough of my curiosity. I set my jaw to liberating the rectangle of earth from invading weeds. Toad found a happy spot under a nearby rosemary bush to make himself a hole. Nestling down the sides of his big belly flopped over his back feet and he snuggled contentedly in the loam. 
Handsome fellow
Working steadily, sun beating down on my brow, crick in my back, I kept one eye on my new friend. Laughter rang out and, "Mommy!" pulling me away from my chore. Children and friend mingled. Four little pairs of hands and four sets of eyes circled up to see the plump little treasure. "Ooh, aahh, he's so cute," exclaimed four sets of voices admiring his lovely skin.

"Isn't  God clever to make such a wonderful creature?" I teach. "Yes he is." Off they scamper in every direction, like puppy's frolicking and tumbling. Back to work. As the sun gets sleepy I finish my assault on the weed invasion. A  plot of freshly turned dark soil stretches before me, fresh, ready to bear new life. A few remaining herbs stand at attention keeping watch. And my fat little friend sleeps tucked in a blanket of dirt.
The garden plot has been reclaimed

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