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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Basket Full of Thanks {Mondays}

Today is my Max's 8th birthday. Every mother wonders, "how can it be?" as her children reach new milestones. I ask myself that question today.

Our first meeting is still so vivid, the power of the experience burned into my mind and heart. I remember holding my son and asking him, "where did you come from?" One minute he was invisible, the next he was filling my life to the brim. A 7lb. person whose needs shaped our every waking moment, and most of our sleeping ones.

Today he's a far cry from that tiny flailing newborn. Actually he's still flailing, his arms and legs are just longer and manage to bump more things in their path. And he's still vocal, he had a lot to say back then, he just wasn't able to use words to say it. My desire is that God would give him a powerful message to share and fill his many words with grace.

I'm very proud of my boy. He's an amazing mix of his father and me, and yet his own person all at once. Chris and I are opposites, to see us combined into one little body is humorous, we shake our bemused heads everyday! My desire as a mommy is to partner with God to shape his character and help him discover God's purposes for his life. What a fearful and wonderful task!

Today I'm counting the gifts of parenting my sweet boy:

241. I'm thankful for the way being a mother challenges me to live self-sacrificing, holding me accountable.
242. What a joy to see him grow in his understanding of truth, responding to the Holy Spirit.
243.My heart fills to bursting as I watch him learn to serve and love his sister.
244. I love his creative mind that embraces discovery and learning.
245. Seeing how he fits into our family, taking his place, reminds me of the larger family of God and how we were all made to fit.
246. He delights his father and me with his affection and warmth, always ready for a snuggle or what he calls "a long hug." I love how he loves people.
247. It excites me to imagine what God has in mind for him and to see how the pieces will fit together as he grows and matures.
248. His smile, that makes his eyes dance and face light up, warms my heart.
249. Reading great books together, I love sharing some of my old favorites with him.
250. I'm thankful that parenting Max gives me intimate glimpses into our loving Father's great heart.

I pray this promise over both of my children and trust God, who is faithful, to fulfill it. Genesis 17:7 "And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your offspring after you through their generations for an everlasting covenant to be God to you and to your offspring after you."

What promises do you hold onto for the ones you love?

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