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"If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in the world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." C. S. Lewis

Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Relevant

It's been a while since I've linked up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday, and I've missed it. If you'd like to join in visit her here. Today's prompt for our five minutes of free writing is: Relevant.


The most relevant things in my life are not fear or doubt, inadequacy or pride. These things don't define me or my life.

Oh no, but grace, rich and free, defines. Prayer the most relevant activity of my day. Jesus nature in exchange for my rags. Relevant through every age.

Love isn't love if it isn't bent to give. Freedom isn't, unless I'm enslaved to the perfect Master. Forgiveness must cost; cost me my rights so I can receive my true inheritance.

Is Christian faith relevant unless it's lived? Hard fought in battle, battle to the death against our own selfish wills. Wrung hard in the press of life, handing up the hard act of worship, in all things.

Can faith ever matter, ever bring glory, ever be relevant to another's suffering unless it draws blood. Our need was, is, relevant to the Father. So relevant he responded, with his blood.

And now the daily living of holiness draws the blood to our hearts and spills it for another. Dieing to self is just that, dieing, and it's the most relevant thing we can do, die in order to live.


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