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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sister to Sister: Serving

Welcome to Sister to Sister, a time every Thursday for Christian women to connect from the heart. Life is challenging and beautiful, most importantly it's meant to be shared. I've been inspired by many women, including you! Hearing stories of hope in hard times, joy in the every day, and freedom from fear lifts my heart!

Sister to Sister is the opportunity for you to write words of truth and honesty that bring encouragement to other sisters. It may be a personal story, a lesson God is teaching, or scripture you'd like to share. Be creative, be expressive, be real.

"He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love." Ephesians 4:16

Here's how it works:

* Every week I'll give us a word to focus on.

* Try to keep your post under 500 words. 

* Link up bellow and spread the love! Visit other sister's posts and let them know what their words mean to you!

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Are you ready? Join me this week in inspiring other women with your thoughts on:


Today I was stroking my daughter Maggie's hair while she sat beside me watching television. She tilted her head back and in her 3 year old lilt told me, "I love your hands." I smiled and chuckled at her, "I love your hands too," I said. She grinned and as I stroked her head she sang, "I love your hands, I love your hands, I love your hands." 

Why? Why did Maggie say she loves my hands? Because I had conveyed love to her through my touch, through caring for her, through stretching them out to her, every day. People around us are hungry for our hands to reach out and show them love. 

When is the last time our hands held an elderly person's, or tied up a package to send to a friend's son serving our country far away, or wrote a note of encouragement to a sick person?

Touch is powerful and mentioned repeatedly in the New Testament. Jesus touched lepers, the blind, demon possessed, men, women, shamed, sick, and needy. Where there was a need "Jesus reached out his hand and touched" people. (Luke 5:13) Even as he was being arrested he touched and healed an injured guard. When he rose from the dead he identified himself to his followers by saying "touch me." (Luke 24)

I was moved by Maggie's little diddy today. Am I looking for lives to extend my hand to, offering compassion in the form of a touch? Sometimes service can be as simple as a touch. Hearts will sing "I love your hands" when we touch like Jesus, and just maybe it will be his hands they feel instead of ours.
Who have you touched lately and what was their response? What are some of the tangible ways you are serving others?

{I randomly selected one person from last week's link up to win a sweet treat from me as a thank you for participating. And the winner is Nicole! Congratulations!}

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