Made for another world

"If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in the world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." C. S. Lewis

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flavoring the day with a taste of poetry

The Flowers by Robert Louis Stevenson
All the names I know from nurse:
Gardener's garters, Shepherd's purse,
Bachelor's buttons, Lady's smock,
And the Lady Hollyhock.
Fairy places, fairy things,
Fairy woods where the wild bee wings,
Tiny trees for tiny dames--
These must all be fairy names!
Tiny woods below whose boughs
Shady fairies weave a house;
Tiny tree-tops, rose or thyme,
Where the braver fairies climb!
Fair are grown-up people's trees,
But the fairest woods are these;
Where, if I were not so tall,
I should live for good and all.

I love poetry. Some of my favorite poets are Longfellow, Frost, Stevenson, Browning and certainly the old bard Shakespeare. Whose poetry do you enjoy reading?


  1. I love the poetry of Robert Lewis Stevenson. I had the book "A Child's Garden of Verse" when I was a small child. Some of them were melancholy, but I sure enjoyed them.


  2. We had that book too, it was a great and I loved his short stories! Have a great weekend!

  3. My husband and I like Ernest Henley. It's a bit of a shame that Timothy McVeigh recited Henley's "Invictus" before dying though. Nice to find you through VoiceBoks:)

  4. Lovely! What beautiful photos, thanks for such a treat!

  5. I'm glad you came by Courtney. You're right it is a shame for such a man to have used that great poem.

    Thank you Kathy I'm glad you enjoyed them. The rose bushes in the back yard are exploding with blooms.

  6. I love poetry too, Yours is beautiful. The only poet that comes to mind is Helen Steiner Rice at least I think she was a poet, I read some by her if I have the name right but I've not read a lot of poetry. I love your photos, how gorgeous. Perfect timing with the sun as a backdrop.


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