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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The second leg of our journey...

It's been a long time since I've posted, our journey has finally come to an end. Here are a few pictures of our time with my family. I have lots more posted on facebook.

Maggie and Nana at our birthday tea party.
Papa and Maggie sporting their GA Tech colors.
Sally the chicken roosting in a tree in my parents yard. One night I was standing on the porch and noticed the branch of a tree moving, upon closer inspection it was Sally!
Nana having a tea party with the little girls, the tea set is from my mom for Maggie's birthday.
My sister, Stephanie, at the tea party celebrating hers and Maggie's birthdays.
My brother, Pete, teaching Max how to shoot a BB gun. Max thought that was very cool!

Max visiting his best buddy, Jacob, and his brother, James, in Kentucky.
After a great visit with Chris' family in Virginia he flew home and I went to stay with my family in Weaverville, NC for a week and a half. My sister, Stephanie, and her daughter, Willow, came from California. My brother and his wife, Kassie, live in Weaverville, so the whole family, minus a couple of husbands, was together. We had a great time in the mountains, these pictures are just a little taste of our time together. While I was in North Carolina, Max, Maggie and I, took the opportunity to visit our friends, the Myers, in Kentucky. Max and Jacob have been best buddies for the last two years and it was a great reunion. It was wonderful to reconnect with both of our families and good friends. Coming home is bitter-sweet. It's wonderful to be back in my home and I'm so looking forward to connecting again with friends here. At the same time I have no idea when I'll see those precious family members and friends again. It's an excercise in trust that God will watch over those relationships in the meantime.

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  1. It sure is quiet around here!!! I love reliving our visit with the pictures.



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