Made for another world

"If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in the world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." C. S. Lewis

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, election day is here. I have to say for the last week or two I've gotten caught up in the frenzy. Unfortunately my eyes have been on men and myself more than on Jesus and even more unfortunately it showed in my behavior. But praise God, he redeems. I woke up this morning feeling at peace and lighter than I have in days. I had the irresistible urge to praise him, so I did. I decided that today I'm not going to focus on the election I'm going to worship God. He's on the throne and no election or war or dictator can ever depose him! Snatches of Bible verses and worship songs have been flooding my mind all morning; For the Lord your God is with you he is mighty to save; Not to us but to your name be the glory; praise God for he leads us in his triumph.... All of these victories and triumphs and truths he leads us in are eternal and supernatural. Everything happening around us is temporal. I'm not saying things won't get ugly in the end but nothing has really changed. The prince of darkness is still allowed to rule this fallen world BUT the lover of our souls will still have the final victory for all time. So, today I'm going to worship!


  1. I agree Beck. Fot the last two days I have not allowed my mind to go to the election other than to pray God's will be done. I avoided computer headlines, news coverage and conversation. As I walked yesterday I praised God that He puts those in power He chooses so with that in mind fear and worry may come but faith and trust must rule. My Bible study yesterday taught me that confidence in Christ results in humility, therefore I should be able to serve Republicn or Democrate, rich or poor, kind or rude. I could stand in line today when voting and rather than be tempted to pick out "members of the other side" I could have confidence that God's will be done, He will be glorified and prepare for how He may ask me to particiate with Him. He places us on the time line of the world He wants us to live, so this must be the right time for us!

    But, I still voted "the right way!"


  2. Good for you! That really is the attitude that brings Him glory! I am glad you were able to worship in truth today. As the election winds down, I am reminding myself that the Father is sovereign (sp) and His will will be done! I liked what your mom said too, about ' He may ask us to participate with Him." What a great perspective no matter what the outcome. Take care...

  3. Great comments Beck. I really appreciate your perspective. They are very inspiring for me to relax, trust, and praise.

    Thank you,


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