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Monday, March 11, 2013

Called to Love

Gordana and Beck
Last week I shared a little bit about meeting Gordana when I traveled to Serbia last year. Her work reaching out to the brokenhearted women of Novi Sad moves me. Many of us have heard of the huge amount of women caught in human trafficking and prostitution around the world. How many people do we actually know on the front lines working personally to help these women? 

What a privilege for us to hear from Gordana's heart today! I hope you will listen closely as she shares about the burden God has given her:

When God called me to the ministry with abandoned women I didn’t know what to expect. I still wasn’t really aware of the way God’s heart looks like, how His love overwhelms and what is the work of His grace. I knew this would happen, He firstly had to break my heart and bring me on my knees before Him. 

Unchanged hearts can never bring forth God’s love to broken people. 

One Friday night as we went to the roadside district where the prostituted girls stood, God came to me with His words, which almost blew me away from my bike as we rode for prayer. 

He asked me, "Gordana, beloved, you have a daughter, right?" 

I said, "Yes, Lord, I do." 

"What would you do in a big city like this if she was lost?" 

The conversation continued. "Ooh, what wouldn’t I do? We would all go looking for her!" 

"OK, I have my daughters lost and I want you to go looking for them!" Jesus said. A tear was running down my cheek. 

I wanted to bend my knees before Him. I hadn’t know how broken His heart was for the girls who are giving their bodies and souls to other men... devil... whoever... Our Lord is crying for the lost. It could be anyone, your brother, sister, cousin or neighbor. 

Can we sit and do nothing? No, I cannot. Because of His love! 

After I met some of the street girls I couldn’t believe the strong feelings I had for them. I felt such strong love which I was not able to explain. I knew God poured His love into my selfish heart. My heart was no longer the same. And He is continuing to keep my heart at this humble state. 

Then I read famous three-times question from John 21. Jesus asked Peter over and over again, "Do you love me?" Yes, I do. "Then go and feed my children. Then go and care for the needy. Then go and help them." This is the way you show me love. You received love and grace. Now go and give it away. As you do, the love and grace will always be refilled in your heart. 

So, if you want the key to increase your love, this is the way to do it. Give love away. God’s love in you and your love for Him will grow and you will be His beloved loving daughter. 
Gordana, Nichole, and Beck
Gordana, and two of her friends ride bikes through the red light district of Novi Sad praying for the lives of the women chained in hopelessness. They take small gifts to the women and engage them in conversation, offering them friendship and truth. Her ministry, Nova Zena, which means New Woman, offers help for women in abusive relationships and those caught in prostitution. 

Today I'd like to ask you to do a few things. 
  • Take a moment to pray for Gordana and her team. Pray for safety and wisdom and courage. Ask God to help them build trust with women and to lead women trapped in bondage to freedom, spiritually and physically.
  • Share this post with others that you know are interested in being a part of ending human trafficking.
  • Lastly, as you pray will you ask God how he may want you to be involved? Consider giving a one time gift or a monthly donation to the work of Nova Zena. Consider becoming a regular prayer partner and receiving ministry updates.
Gordana reminded us that God's love grows in our heart as it is given away. Who has he called you to give his love away to today? 

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