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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Women who Inspire: The Sisterhood

Sister -  (from

12. being or considered a sister; related by or as if by sisterhood: sister ships.
13. having a close relationship with another because of shared interests, problems, or the like.

I have been undeniably blessed by precious women in my life. Some close family, some that lived before my time, some have rubbed me hard smoothing away jagged edges, some young, some old, some who know my heart deeply and still love me, some I've never met. But all sharing a common relation, fellowship birthed from the blood of Jesus. Sweet family, a gift. These women have so energized my Christian walk I just had to introduce some of them to you. (I hope you will post a comment and tell me about the women who have blessed your life.)

This weeks sister:
It's my privilege to introduce you to one of my very first sisters. I met Nichole when I was 18 and we have been friends for the last 16 years. I love saying that because growing up my family moved often and I developed few lasting friendships, certainly none I have kept in touch with. We showed up at college each expecting to room with someone else but ending up in the same room, it was a wonderful 'mistake'. We were both nervous and unsure of ourselves, what a comfort to have someone to walk into that scary dining hall with those first days! We only roomed together one year, although we were in the same dorm each of the following years.

That first semester our differences were fun and challenging. Nichole struggled to go to class on time and keep up with home work, I was on the Dean's list. It would have been easy to make assumptions based on that first semester but they would have been wrong. I planned to get my degree and go out to conquer the world, alone. I left with an Associates degree after three and a half years of work and a fiance! Nichole had moved off of academic  probation and earned her Bachelors degree with a respectable grade point average.
Me and Nichole on my wedding day
Over the years we've maintained contact with each other, of course our relationship has had it's ups and downs and weathered the challenge of distance. I would still consider Nichole my dearest and certainly oldest friend. I know we've grown from the benefit of each other in our lives and even though we don't talk as often as we'd like we're always able to pick up where we left off. One of the reasons for that I believe is due to Nichole's most inspirational quality, persistence. Persistence - not only after Nichole's first unfortunate semester of college did she push through and graduate, she has gone on to get her Master's degree and is now working on her Doctorate. I'm amazed! Proverbs 12:24 "Work hard and become a leader, be lazy and become a slave." 

I've learned what friendship is from Nichole, it is a privilege and a responsibility. A healthy friendship that allows people to be open and safe, one that shares love and compassion, where there is freedom to laugh and to cry takes hard work and persistence. How thankful I am during those first days of adulthood to have had a dear companion to walk with me through sometimes troubled waters. 

Do you have a dear friend you've logged many years with, who has persisted with you, that has blessed your life?


  1. You are blessed to have such a long standing friendship. I have a a few that have lasted that long but we also moved around a lot until I married (dad was in the service). I'm sure you've heard this before but what a gorgeous bride you made.

  2. Thank you Terri, my 3 year old saw this picture and with wide eyes asked, "when were you a princess Mommy"! I am blessed, best friends are special.

  3. I moved around quite a bit too, but have three girlfriends who I met when we were about 13... almost 20 years ago... and we've kept in touch, despite the distance between us... we're having a girls night out soon and I can't wait!
    Thanks for sharing:)
    Visiting from Voiceboks,

  4. Unfortunately I haven't seen my best friend for 4 years now especially since I've always lived hundreds and now thousands of miles away, but thanks to Facebook we always keep in touch. But I am thankful for my new best friend who I've known since I was husband =)

  5. Aweee - Sweet Beck! I love you too! And I'm so stoked that God entrusted me with a friendship like ours. Although not sisters by blood - certainly kindred! :) Thanks for all your kind words - and I'm sure that I would not be working on my Doctorate if you had not gotten me out of bed most mornings that freshman year. That was a hard job LOL! I love you and I'm sending you virtual hugs - alongside a warm cup of tea and yummy cookies. Love you Love You - Love you


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