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"If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in the world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." C. S. Lewis

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home came down

I was recently looking back over some of my previous years December blog posts. I find it interesting that I've written about my longing for home during the holiday season over the past two years and that this Christmas I find myself longing for home yet again. And when I say home I don't mean sitting around the fire with family, as much as I do desire that. I mean the home. The place where I belong. The place I'm destined for. Because quite honestly in this world I don't feel like I really belong... anywhere.

Recently we sang a new song in church called Sing. Some of the lyrics are:
We could never get back home with broken hearts, so home has come to meet us where we are. Sing, God is with us. Sing, he has come to save us. Sing, he will never leave us. Glory in the highest, everybody sing!

Ever since I first heard the song several days ago the lyrics have been bouncing around inside my head. I keep repeating to myself the words; we could never get back home with broken hearts, so home has come to meet us where we are. And then I make it personal putting my name in place of the we. Beck could never get back home with a broken heart, so home has come to meet Beck where she is. It's only natural that the next lines are ones of rejoicing. I don't get tired of hearing those words or pondering them. I'm in awe!

As much as I long for my eternal home the thought that home came to me explodes on my heart as a welcome relief. Like water to a parched and dieing man. The only reason heaven is my home is because Jesus is there. Home is a person, not just a place. But he's here with me now, he's my home, I've had a taste and I want more. I love Christmas for a lot of reasons but none better than the opportunity to ponder anew that home came down to us, to me!

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  1. Beck, that's beautiful and so describes what I feel. I too am often homesick but if I will take time to be with Him, I am satisfied.


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