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"If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in the world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." C. S. Lewis

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Three generations of Bankhead decendants

Recently I've been doing a lot of research into mine and Chris' family history. It's a good bit of work and time consuming, but so rewarding. I love uncovering the footprints of past generations covered by time. I wish I knew more stories to go with the facts. I do a lot of imagining and pondering as I discover.Champion women (Beck's family), Shelby SC

One thing researching our genealogies has caused me to ponder is legacy. All of the many ancestors, some from hundreds of years ago have left a legacy. Every one of the great, great, great... grandparents, aunts, uncles made choice, sacrifices, moves that have affected who I am at this moment. Sins left unchecked haunt future generations, whether known or secret. Generous, selfless acts have shaped hearts. Each parent, each child passing on and receiving a legacy, a lesson, a lifetime.Velasquez family (Chris' family)

I wish I could see the faces of the immigrants coming from Scotland over two hundred years ago. Why did they come, what were they looking for, what did they leave behind? Were they glad they came to the new world that wasn't even a country yet? Did they miss the land and family left behind?

What was in the eyes of the settlers in Georgia, uncertainty, resolve, excitement? Some of the family is hard to trace, little information left for future generations. Where did they come from, who are they? Just because I can't find the names of the parents of parents doesn't mean they were nameless and unknown. They had real homes, real relationships, real hopes, hurts, purpose.

Reagor Hearn (Chris' family), Lewis Bankhead (Beck's family)

I research and seek the past for the sake of the future. I want to tell my children what I can about the people that came before them. For the generations of Christians that have passed down truth to their families, I want to honor, give thanks and claim blessing. For those who have made fatal mistakes I want to learn and be warned.
Maria Reyes and Steve (Beck's family)

Wrapped up in the truth of the past and the unknown of the future is one certainty. Jesus. He is the great reconciler. He makes all things right, he gives purpose and meaning. To brokenness and failure he breaths new life. From beginning to end of my family's story, of the worlds story, he is reconciling, renewing, making right.Gambill family (Chris' family)


  1. Well hi there Beck! Thanks for reading the blog! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far.

    This post is so fascinating. Great photos...I wish I knew more about our family genealogy as well. Even the few photos I have of relatives from the 20s are just so fascinating. I can't imagine further back than that!

  2. very neat post. i'd love to learn more about mine and my hubby's family as well. very cool photos you have come up with.

    your kids are so cute...getting so big!

  3. This is such a great post and the pictures are wonderful.

    You are an amazing author/writer/blogger! You have a way with words.

  4. wow! so fun that youa re doing this! i have some old photos but no idea who they are! your little ones are sooo cute...i so enjoy keeping up with all of you through these blogs!


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