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"If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in the world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." C. S. Lewis

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where I am Home

Time moves differently in Serbia. I don't know if it's the pace of this culture or that I'm so outside of my own routine. I loose track of time and days feel longer. I feel like I've been away from home for a week already. Never has an experience been so sweet and so hard (except maybe childbirth and that's all together different).

I've been praying for Serbia for months, and you all have listened so patiently to me as I have! I was surprised that I didn't cry the first night we were in Serbia and exhausted from hours of travel and a lack of sleep. I didn't cry when I saw a little boy the size of a ten year old, who actually isn't much younger than my 32 year old sister, bent with cerebral palsy lying in a crib. No, I cried at church, two days after we had been here. I cried at the beauty of seeing the people I've been praying for, my brothers and sisters in Jesus. I cried when I heard "Blessed Be Your Name" sung in Serbian and I joined my voice in English to worship our Father.

Few experiences in my life have been as poignant and victorious as standing in the midst of a people I'm coming to love and proclaiming our faith in the living God who made us all. Nichole and I have been so blessed by friendship here in Serbia.
On Saturday we met up with Gordana. Infectious, funny, passionate, Gordana who graciously took us under her wing and offered us the bond of sisterhood. We had a wonderful time of sharing our hearts, our lives, and our dreams. I love the body of Christ, wherever I find it I AM HOME! The first few days here were intimidating but when we walked into church the strain slipped off our shoulders and our hearts were lifted.

Tomorrow we go back to the institution. Honestly I can't describe the mixture of emotions. Dread, humble gratitude, longing, fear, excitement, I don't know. The task is overwhelming, over 600 bodies, big and little, all at different stages of health and need, all requiring attention. We actually haven't seen the worst of the worst yet and I can't imagine any worse.
"God reigns over the nations;  God is seated on his holy throne. The nobles of the nations assemble, as the people of the God of Abraham, for the kings of the earth belong to God;   he is greatly exalted." Psalm 47

God is the God of Serbia, he reigns and rules over all the people of the earth. Over the wealthy and the poor, the strong and the weak. What a relief that I am not responsible for even one of them. When I step foot in the institution I will remember it is God who is king and it is my role to serve. 

Dear friends let me ask you once again to pray. On Friday we walked through most of the institution. We saw, we heard, we touched, but tomorrow we will sit down and hold and play and hug. It will be even more difficult for me and I need prayer for a right and holy perspective and for so much grace. Thank you once again for your love and support! 

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